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Lakme Insta Liner Eye Liner, Black, 9 Ml - Black (9ml)

Lakme Insta Liner Eye Liner, Black, 9 Ml - Black (9ml)
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Lakme Insta Liner Eye Liner, Black, 9 Ml - Black (9ml)
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Lakme Insta-Liner has a unique water proof formula that ensures no smudging or smearing. This prevents you from having a messed up appearance. The Lakme Insta-Liner comes in a small package with a sleek, thin brush which is also portable. The brush holder of this product is of a comfortable length, thus making the application of the eyeliner easier. It has a deep, black color that gives users a fine definition to their eyes. The liner is liquid so it might take time to dry out, but it gives users an attractive finish. So line your eyes with perfection with this Lakme Insta Liner.

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